Monday, July 24, 2017

Chateau Tongariro...with a snow cat

I love this location and for years I have wanted to visit it, the last time we were in this area was over 10 years ago but I never got a chance to stop until now.  Chateau Tongariro is in the heart of the National Park, was originally built in the 1920s and is still in use today. On the day we were there someone had thoughtfully made what we thought looked like a snow cat out the front, our attempt was some sort of small trans-gender snow person.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mount Tongariro - shooting off steam

Mount Tongariro - when we visited past it last weekend it was shooting off steam from the mountain.

This area is NZ's oldest national park and is considered extremely important in Maori culture. There are many walks and treks but you have to be pretty experienced to attempt these, quite a few people have to be rescued because they are ill prepared for the temperatures and the terrain. Not only that but it also offers hunting of red deer and mountain biking.

A truly special place :-)

Friday, July 21, 2017

Tongariro Trout Fishing

On our way to Ruapehu last weekend we stopped (cos I'm one of those annoying people who if I see something when we are driving that I think is interesting I say "stop") near a bridge just before Turangi.

As we drove around Lake Taupo I saw these fishermen trout fishing all in a long line down the river.

These two in particular were the only ones who caught one while we were there, the others were throwing their lines in back and forth - no doubt they were pleased with their catch.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ice and frost all around in Reporoa

Early this morning before 9am this was the scene that greeted us in Reporoa, a small town an hour or so away, this is where it starts to get really cold.

It was minus 3 degrees celsius outside and as we drove we had to be careful and look out for ice on the road.

At one point we got out to take photos of the scenery, we literally never get ice or frost where we live near the beach so this was new to us.

This farm, in the middle of the countryside had a large plane on the property, totally unused...why? who knows, bit of a strange thing though...

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Twinkle through the trees...

We've had a real cold snap this week, there's been snow in neighbouring towns, something that's almost unheard of up here. For us all we've had is brief frost, still ok to go for my walks each day so when I saw the sun coming up over the beach I snapped this photo of the light coming through the branches of one of the Pohutukawa trees.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Kutarere Church - 1861

One of those rainy bleak miserable days we had recently we decided to go for a drive and on the way through the countryside I spotted this old church near Opotiki. Looking very old and neglected the Kutarere Church made around 1861 is apparently in the process of being restored by local residents.

A bit of background I found says this:
Opotiki was originally the most populous of several Maori settlements in the vicinity of Opotiki Harbour and was known as Pakowhai. It was a main settlement of the Whakatohea tribe. In August 1861 the Rev. Carl Sylvius Volkner arrived at Pakowhai to establish a mission station and, with Maori help, built a church. When the Whakatohea allied themselves with the Maori “King” movement in 1864, Volkner took his wife to Auckland for safety. During his absence Hauhau emissaries converted most of their tribe to the cause and, subsequently, the mission station was sacked. Volkner was brutally murdered when he returned in March 1865. A punitive expedition arrived by sea on 8 September 1865 and landed at the present town site. Fighting ensued and the hostile inhabitants fled. Intermittent skirmishing with the Hauhaus continued in the immediate district until about the middle of 1868. Most of the original Opotiki settlers were members of the 1st Waikato Regiment who were allotted sections.

An identical one was built which is currently being used in another town but it's nice to know this one will hopefully be looking nice and tidy again soon. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rainy skies, gulls and crayfish

On our Sunday walk this morning it was good to get outside in the fresh air, not alot of other people at the beach. View from the Mount Maunganui cenotaph of Rabbit Island.

Very quiet...sort of overcast drizzly weather.

These guys seemed to enjoy it though, lots of gray gulls and seagulls trotting along the sand in the low tide.

We wondered why there were so many of them here and there, turned out there was a pile of crayfish bits that someone had left behind, it must've been a feast.

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